30 Ways to Say “I Don’t Care”

In the rich tapestry of the English language, conveying indifference comes in a multitude of expressions. Whether you’re downplaying a trivial matter or signaling your laid-back attitude, there are various ways to articulate the sentiment of “I don’t care.

Let’s delve into 30 different phrases that eloquently capture the essence of nonchalance and indifference.

List of 30 Ways to Say “I Don’t Care”

  • It’s all the same to me.
  • Whatever floats your boat.
  • No skin off my nose.
  • It’s not my concern.
  • Do as you please.
  • Makes no difference to me.
  • I’m indifferent.
  • It’s neither here nor there.
  • I’m nonchalant about it.
  • I have no preference.
  • I’m neutral on the matter.
  • Makes no odds to me.
  • I’m apathetic.
  • It’s of no consequence.
  • I’m uninterested.
  • It’s immaterial to me.
  • I’m unconcerned.
  • No sweat off my back.
  • It doesn’t faze me.
  • I’m not bothered.
  • I’m blasé about it.
  • It’s all the same to me.
  • I’m nonplussed.
  • I’m cool with whatever.
  • I’m laid-back about it.
  • It’s irrelevant to me.
  • I’m disinterested.
  • No big deal.
  • I’m unfazed.
  • I’m easygoing.

1. “It’s All the Same to Me”

“When faced with choices, the classic ‘It’s all the same to me’ is a linguistic shrug, indicating that the outcome holds no sway over your feelings.”

2. “Whatever Floats Your Boat”

“Embrace a carefree attitude with the colloquial ‘Whatever floats your boat,’ encouraging others to make choices without the burden of your opinion.”

3. “No Skin Off My Nose”

“Indicate a situation has no impact with the vivid ‘No skin off my nose,’ conveying a sense of detachment and that you remain unscathed.”

4. “It’s Not My Concern”

“The straightforward ‘It’s not my concern’ establishes clear boundaries of disinterest, conveying that you have no emotional investment in the matter.”

5. “Do As You Please”

“For a hands-off approach, ‘Do as you please’ signals that you’re not imposing your preferences and are content with whatever decision they make.”

6. “Makes No Difference to Me”

“A classic expression of indifference, ‘Makes no difference to me’ underscores your neutrality, ideal for situations where the outcome holds equal weight.”

7. “I’m Indifferent”

“Cutting straight to the point, ‘I’m indifferent’ leaves no room for ambiguity, conveying that you lack any strong feelings or opinions on the matter.”

8. “It’s Neither Here Nor There”

“When expressing that a situation is inconsequential, use the phrase ‘It’s neither here nor there,’ suggesting that the topic holds no relevance or importance.”

9. “I’m Nonchalant About It”

“To add a touch of sophistication to your indifference, consider saying ‘I’m nonchalant about it,’ communicating a casual and unconcerned attitude.”

10. “I Have No Preference”

“When faced with options that don’t particularly appeal, stating ‘I have no preference’ is a polite way to express your indifference without dismissing others’ choices.”

11. “I’m Neutral on the Matter”

“Embrace a diplomatic stance with ‘I’m neutral on the matter,’ suggesting you’re not taking sides and are content with whatever decision is reached.”

12. “Makes No Odds to Me”

“Inject British flair into your indifference with ‘Makes no odds to me,’ emphasizing informality while conveying the outcome holds no significance.”

13. “I’m Apathetic”

“For a more assertive declaration of indifference, the word ‘apathetic’ communicates a profound lack of interest or concern, indicating emotional distance.”

14. “It’s of No Consequence”

“Indicate that a matter holds no importance with ‘It’s of no consequence,’ suggesting the outcome has no bearing on your well-being or interests.”

15. “I’m Uninterested”

“Make it clear that you lack any interest or enthusiasm with ‘I’m uninterested,’ a straightforward phrase that leaves no room for misinterpretation.”

16. “It’s Immaterial to Me”

“For a touch of formality, express your indifference with ‘It’s immaterial to me,’ conveying that the topic holds no weight in your considerations.”

17. “I’m Unconcerned”

“Emphasize your lack of worry or concern with ‘I’m unconcerned,’ conveying a sense of calmness and suggesting the situation doesn’t affect your peace of mind.”

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18. “No Sweat Off My Back”

“Express a lack of concern with a hint of informality using ‘No sweat off my back,’ suggesting the matter is not causing you any trouble or discomfort.”

19. “It Doesn’t Faze Me”

“Indicate resilience in the face of challenges with ‘It doesn’t faze me,’ conveying that external events or opinions have no impact on your composure.”

20. “I’m Not Bothered”

“Express a lack of disturbance with ‘I’m not bothered,’ communicating that the situation is not affecting your peace of mind or well-being.”

21. “I’m Blasé About It”

“Add a touch of indifference and sophistication with ‘I’m blasé about it,’ suggesting a worldly and nonchalant attitude towards the matter at hand.”

22. “I’m Cool With Whatever”

“Embrace a laid-back demeanor with ‘I’m cool with whatever,’ indicating flexibility and a willingness to go along with any decision.”

23. “I’m Laid-back About It”

“Convey a relaxed attitude with ‘I’m laid-back about it,’ suggesting a calm and easygoing approach to the situation.”

24. “It’s Irrelevant to Me”

“Signal the lack of importance with ‘It’s irrelevant to me,’ indicating that the topic holds no significance in your considerations.”

25. “I’m Disinterested”

“Use ‘I’m disinterested’ to convey a lack of interest without the blunt force of ‘uninterested,’ suggesting a dispassionate and detached stance.”

26. “No Big Deal”

“Downplay the significance of a situation with ‘No big deal,’ conveying that whatever is happening is not causing you any distress or concern.”

27. “I’m Unfazed”

“Indicate resilience and calmness with ‘I’m unfazed,’ suggesting that external factors or events are not affecting your emotional state.”

28. “I’m Easygoing”

“Convey a relaxed and easygoing nature with ‘I’m easygoing,’ indicating a willingness to accommodate different preferences and decisions.”

29. “I’m Nonplussed”

“Express a state of bewilderment or indifference with ‘I’m nonplussed,’ suggesting a lack of emotional reaction to the situation.”

30. “I’m Cool with Whatever”

“Reiterate your laid-back attitude with a casual ‘I’m cool with whatever,’ indicating a willingness to accept any decision without fuss.”


In the diverse spectrum of the English language, expressing indifference is an art form. These 30 phrases offer a versatile palette for navigating situations where conveying a lack of concern or preference is key.

Whether you choose the sophistication of “I’m nonchalant about it” or the casualness of “No big deal,” these expressions empower you to navigate conversations with ease, grace, and a touch of nonchalance. After all, sometimes, saying “I don’t care” can be an artful dance of words.

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