20 Correct Ways to Respond When Asked, “You’re Working On It”

Responding to inquiries about ongoing work with grace and confidence is an essential skill in both personal and professional settings. A simple “You’re working on it” can elicit various reactions, and how you respond matters. 

In this article, we’ll explore 20 correct ways to reply to this question, ensuring your communication reflects dedication, commitment, and a positive mindset.

 List of 20 Correct Ways to Respond When Asked, “You’re Working On It”

– Absolutely, making steady progress.

– Taking deliberate steps toward completion.

– Indeed, actively tackling each component.

– Engaged in the ongoing process.

– Continuously putting in effort.

– Advancing steadily, thanks for asking.

– In the midst of refining details.

– Diligently working through the tasks.

– Absolutely, committed to the project.

– Making headway, step by step.

– Actively pursuing completion.

– Steadily moving towards the goal.

– Yep, working on it with focus.

– Absolutely, committed to the task.

– Currently immersed in the work.

– Dedicated to the ongoing effort.

– Making strides, appreciate your support.

– In the process of refining and improving.

– Yep, actively involved in the project.

– Committed to seeing it through.

– Progressing steadily, thanks for checking in.

– Engaged in the ongoing development.

– Definitely, putting in the necessary work.

– Working diligently to achieve the goal.

– Yep, actively working on the tasks.

– Fully committed to the project.

– In the midst of making necessary adjustments.

– Making consistent progress, thank you.

– Absolutely, focused on the current tasks.

– Engaged in refining and perfecting.

– Working on it with determination.

– Actively pursuing the completion of tasks.

– Making headway and staying on track.

– Yep, steadily moving towards completion.

– Committed to the ongoing process.

– Absolutely, dedicated to the project.

– Currently immersed in the tasks at hand.

– Progressing steadily, appreciate your support.

– In the process of refining and optimizing.

– Yep, actively involved in the ongoing work.

– Fully committed to achieving the goal.

1. Absolutely, Making Steady Progress

Acknowledging progress is key. Reassure others with confidence that you’re advancing steadily toward the goal. Respond positively to create an atmosphere of trust and reliability.

Example: Person A: “How’s the project coming along?” Person B: “Absolutely, making steady progress. We’re on track and moving forward.”

2. Taking Deliberate Steps Toward Completion

Highlight the intentionality of your actions. Let others know that your approach is thoughtful, deliberate, and focused on achieving successful outcomes.

Example: Person A: “Are you still working on the report?” Person B: “Taking deliberate steps toward completion. Ensuring every detail is addressed for a comprehensive result.”

3. Indeed, Actively Tackling Each Component

Demonstrate your proactive approach by emphasizing that you’re actively engaging with every aspect of the task. It conveys a sense of involvement and dedication.

Example: Person A: “How’s the project going?” Person B: “Indeed, actively tackling each component. Addressing challenges and ensuring a thorough job.”

4. Engaged in the Ongoing Process

Show that you’re not just working but actively engaged in the ongoing process. It signifies a continuous commitment to the task at hand.

Example: Person A: “Any updates on the project?” Person B: “Engaged in the ongoing process. Working on refining details and ensuring quality.”

5. Continuously Putting in Effort

Emphasize your commitment by highlighting that your efforts are continuous. This implies dedication and persistence in achieving the desired outcome.

Example: Person A: “How’s the preparation going?” Person B: “Continuously putting in effort. Every day counts toward reaching our goals.”

6. Advancing Steadily, Thanks for Asking

Express gratitude for the inquiry while reaffirming your progress. This response maintains a positive tone and appreciates the interest shown by others.

Example: Person A: “Any developments in your project?” Person B: “Advancing steadily, thanks for asking. Your support means a lot.”

7. In the Midst of Refining Details

In the Midst of Refining Details

Acknowledge that perfection lies in the details. Let others know that you’re in the process of refining and enhancing the project’s finer points.

Example: Person A: “Is the proposal ready?” Person B: “In the midst of refining details. Ensuring precision for a polished final result.”

8. Diligently Working Through the Tasks

Highlight your diligence by stating that you’re actively working through each task. This assures others of your commitment to a thorough and meticulous approach.

Example: Person A: “How’s the workload?” Person B: “Diligently working through the tasks. Managing priorities for efficient completion.”

9. Absolutely, Committed to the Project

Express unwavering commitment to the project. Use this response to convey a sense of responsibility and dedication to achieving successful outcomes.

Example: Person A: “Facing any challenges in the project?” Person B: “Absolutely, committed to the project. Overcoming challenges with determination.”

10. Making Headway, Step by Step

Communicate progress incrementally. Let others know that you’re making headway, taking deliberate steps forward in accomplishing your objectives.

Example: Person A: “Any milestones reached in your work?” Person B: “Making headway, step by step. Achieving milestones as we move forward.”

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11. Actively Pursuing Completion

Express your proactive attitude by stating that you are actively pursuing completion. This response implies a sense of determination to finish what you started.

Example: Person A: “How’s the task coming along?” Person B: “Actively pursuing completion. Ensuring all aspects are covered for a successful finish.”

12. Steadily Moving Towards the Goal

Assure others that you’re on the right track and making progress toward the overarching goal. This response emphasizes a sense of direction and purpose.

Example: Person A: “Any updates on your project?” Person B: “Steadily moving towards the goal. Keeping focus on the bigger picture.”

13. Yep, Working on it with Focus

Infuse a casual yet determined tone by using “yep.” Combine it with a reassurance of focus, letting others know that you are actively engaged in your work.

Example: Person A: “Busy with your responsibilities?” Person B: “Yep, working on it with focus. Managing tasks efficiently.”

14. Absolutely, Committed to the Task

Absolutely, Committed to the Task

Reiterate your commitment, this time specifically to the task at hand. This response reinforces your dedication and responsibility towards the assigned work.

Example: Person A: “Are you handling your responsibilities well?” Person B: “Absolutely, committed to the task. Ensuring completion with diligence.”

15. Currently Immersed in the Work

Convey a deep sense of involvement by stating that you are currently immersed in the work. This phrase emphasizes your full attention and dedication to the task.

Example: Person A: “Any updates on your current project?” Person B: “Currently immersed in the work. Giving it my full focus and attention.”

16. Dedicated to the Ongoing Effort

Highlight your dedication not just to the project but to the ongoing effort. This emphasizes a sustained commitment and active involvement over time.

Example: Person A: “How’s the ongoing initiative?” Person B: “Dedicated to the ongoing effort. Consistently working toward success.”

17. Making Strides, Appreciate Your Support

Acknowledge the support from others while updating them on your progress. Expressing gratitude adds a positive touch to your response.

Example: Person A: “Any achievements in your tasks?” Person B: “Making strides, appreciate your support. Every step forward is a collective effort.”

18. In the Process of Refining and Improving

Communicate a commitment to excellence by stating that you are in the process of refining and improving. This conveys a dedication to delivering quality results.

Example: Person A: “Is the project up to standard?” Person B: “In the process of refining and improving. Striving for excellence in every aspect.”

19. Yep, Actively Involved in the Project

Use a casual “yep” to confirm your active involvement in the project. This response is concise yet assures others that you are committed to the task.

Example: Person A: “Still engaged in the project?” Person B: “Yep, actively involved in the project. Working towards successful completion.”

20. Committed to Seeing it Through

Reiterate your commitment by stating that you are committed to seeing the project through. This phrase emphasizes a sense of responsibility until completion.

Example: Person A: “Any challenges in completing your tasks?” Person B: “Committed to seeing it through. Overcoming challenges with determination.”


Responding effectively to questions about your progress is an art that combines confidence, gratitude, and a commitment to excellence. Whether in the workplace or personal endeavors, these 40 ways provide you with a diverse set of responses, ensuring your communication reflects a positive and determined mindset. Embrace progress, stay focused, and communicate your dedication with authenticity and clarity.

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