30 Funny Smash Or Pass Questions

In the realm of icebreakers and light-hearted conversations, the “Smash or Pass” game stands out for its humorous and often unpredictable nature. Originating from the world of social media, this game involves presenting participants with a series of amusing hypothetical scenarios, where they must decide whether they would “smash” (approve) or “pass” (decline) a given proposition.

To spice things up, let’s dive into the realm of whimsical imagination with 30 Funny Smash or Pass questions featuring an array of intriguing characters.

List Of Funny Smash Or Pass Questions

  • A talking animal of your choice?
  • A pop star from the 2000s?
  • An astronaut floating in space?
  • A vampire (that promises not to bite)?
  • A Yeti with impeccable table manners?
  • The ghost of Elvis Presley?
  • A Cyberman from Doctor Who?
  • A Jedi from Star Wars?
  • One of the Seven Dwarfs?
  • One of Santa’s elves?
  • The invisible man (who turns visible after smashing)?
  • A zombie (but a romantic one)?
  • A witch on her broomstick?
  • A slice of pizza with pineapple on top?
  • The Hulk (while he’s still Bruce Banner)?
  • A pineapple under the sea?
  • A million dollars but you have to live in the wilderness for a year?
  • A leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
  • A gremlin after midnight?
  • A person who talks in their sleep?
  • A time-traveling cowboy with a talking horse.
  • A genie who grants wishes but insists on telling dad jokes.
  • A wizard with a magic wand that accidentally turns things into rubber ducks.
  • A pirate with a treasure map but terrible navigation skills.
  • A robot with emotions struggling to understand human feelings.
  • A superhero with the power to control plants but has a fear of flowers.
  • A friendly dragon who runs a tea shop in a hidden mountain cave.
  • A mermaid with a singing voice so enchanting that it causes fish to dance.
  • A detective cat solving mysteries in a noir-style city.
  • A mad scientist with a potion that turns people into temporary clowns.

1. A Talking Animal of Your Choice?

Imagine engaging in a conversation with an articulate and chatty animal. Would you smash to delve into the world of witty banter or pass on the peculiar encounter?

From discussing philosophical concepts with a wise owl to exchanging jokes with a talking parrot, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Just beware of overly talkative sloths – the conversation might take a while!

2. A Pop Star from the 2000s?

Nostalgia hits as you contemplate spending quality time with a pop sensation from the 2000s. Would you smash for a blast from the past or pass on a musical rendezvous with the yesteryear’s chart-topper?

Picture yourself grooving to the iconic tunes of the era alongside your chosen pop star. Remember, the fashion might be questionable, but the playlist is undeniably catchy.

3. An Astronaut Floating in Space?

Floating in the vastness of space, an astronaut beckons you to join their celestial escapade. Would you smash for an extraterrestrial adventure or pass on the weightless experience?

Consider the cosmic view, the awe-inspiring Earth suspended in the abyss, and the sheer thrill of experiencing zero gravity. But be cautious; space snacks might not be as appetizing.

4. A Vampire (That Promises Not to Bite)?

A vampire seeks your company, assuring you they won’t indulge their immortal instincts. Would you smash for a night of mysterious charm or pass on the alluring, yet potentially teethy, proposition?

Imagine strolling through the night with a creature of the shadows, embracing the enigmatic allure without fearing for your jugular. It’s a timeless dilemma – romance or reason?

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5. A Yeti with Impeccable Table Manners?

A Yeti, surprisingly refined and armed with impeccable table manners, invites you to a feast. Would you smash for a snowy banquet or pass on the unlikely gourmet encounter?

Picture sharing a pot of fondue with a Yeti who delicately sips hot cocoa. Just make sure to bring a warm coat; the dinner setting might be chilly.

6. The Ghost of Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley’s ghost materializes with a rendition of “Jailhouse Rock.” Would you smash for a spectral concert or pass on the ghostly crooner’s ethereal performance?

Consider the surreal experience of being serenaded by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll beyond the mortal realm. Blue suede shoes and spectral moves – a musical afterlife awaits.

7. A Cyberman from Doctor Who?

A Cyberman, part human and part machine, extends an invitation. Would you smash to explore the mysteries of time and space or pass on the cybernetic conundrum?

Navigate the whirring gears and metallic demeanor as you ponder the existential questions intertwined with Doctor Who lore. Exterminate boredom or bypass the metallic enigma?

8. A Jedi from Star Wars?

A Jedi master beckons you to wield a lightsaber and join the galactic battle. Would you smash for the Force-guided adventure or pass on the interstellar odyssey?

Imagine mastering the art of mind tricks and engaging in epic duels across the galaxy. May the decision-making Force be with you – choose wisely, young Padawan.

9. One of the Seven Dwarfs?

From Grumpy to Sleepy, a dwarf from Snow White’s company wants to tag along. Would you smash for a whimsical journey or pass on the diminutive entourage?

Consider the camaraderie and potential for comical escapades with one of the iconic Seven Dwarfs. Just be prepared for unconventional transportation options – minecart, anyone?

10. One of Santa’s Elves?

A spirited elf from Santa’s workshop offers festive cheer and holiday magic. Would you smash for a year-round dose of Christmas spirit or pass on the jolly, pointy-eared companion?

Envision spreading holiday joy and receiving personalized presents throughout the year. Beware of impromptu carol sessions and an abundance of candy canes.

11. The Invisible Man (Who Turns Visible After Smashing)?

An invisible man proposes to become visible after a single interaction. Would you smash for the mysterious rendezvous or pass on the unseen encounter?

Contemplate the curiosity of meeting someone elusive, only to unveil their presence with a literal smash. Just hope the revelation doesn’t coincide with an inconvenient location.

12. A Zombie (But a Romantic One)?

A romantic zombie seeks your company, vowing not to feast on brains. Would you smash for a love story defying the odds or pass on the undead romance?

Explore the unconventional dynamics of a relationship with a zombie partner, navigating the challenges of post-apocalyptic love. Just ensure a safe distance during full moons.

13. A Witch on Her Broomstick?

A witch invites you on a broomstick ride, promising a spellbinding journey. Would you smash for a magical airborne adventure or pass on the whimsical, pointy-hat excursion?

Consider the thrill of soaring through the night sky, guided by a witch’s mystical expertise. Beware of unexpected detours to covens and magical realms.

14. A Slice of Pizza with Pineapple on Top?

A controversial slice of pizza with pineapple on top seeks your approval. Would you smash for a culinary adventure or pass on the polarizing pineapple pizza?

Delve into the debate of sweet and savory, as the pineapple slice contends for a place in your gastronomic repertoire. Pizza purists, proceed with caution.

15. The Hulk (While He’s Still Bruce Banner)?

A calm Bruce Banner, pre-Hulk transformation, extends an invitation. Would you smash for a peaceful encounter or pass on the scientist before the green rage emerges?

Imagine conversing with the brilliant mind behind the Hulk, delving into scientific discussions without fearing gamma radiation-induced outbursts. Intellectual pursuits or impending chaos?

16. A Pineapple Under the Sea?

A pineapple resides under the sea, inhabited by a cheerful sponge. Would you smash for a subaquatic escapade or pass on the unconventional oceanic rendezvous?

Picture exploring the depths with a sponge named Bob and his quirky underwater friends. It’s a sponge-tastic adventure beneath the waves.

17. A Million Dollars but Wilderness Living for a Year?

A tempting offer: a million dollars, but you must endure wilderness living for a year. Would you smash for the financial windfall or pass on the rustic, million-dollar challenge?

Contemplate the trade-off between comfort and financial abundance, weighing the allure of luxury against the trials of the untamed outdoors.

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18. A Leprechaun with a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

A mischievous leprechaun offers a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Would you smash for the elusive treasure or pass on the whimsical, green-clad companion?

Consider the luck and fortune that could accompany the leprechaun’s offer, but beware of potential pranks and riddles along the rainbow trail.

19. A Gremlin After Midnight?

A gremlin appears, mischief brewing, but it promises to keep to itself after midnight. Would you smash for the quirky encounter or pass on the potential pandemonium?

Navigate the fine line between whimsy and chaos with a gremlin who adheres to a strict curfew. Midnight adventures or peaceful slumber – choose wisely.

20. A Person Who Talks in Their Sleep?

A sleep-talker invites you into their nighttime conversations. Would you smash for the nocturnal banter or pass on the potential revelations uttered in slumber?

Explore the depths of dreams and sleep-induced ramblings, contemplating the amusing, perplexing, and potentially embarrassing moments that may unfold.

21. A Time-Traveling Cowboy with a Talking Horse?

A time-traveling cowboy with a talking horse appears, inviting you to join their chronological adventures. Would you smash for a time-bending escapade or pass on the spacetime rodeo?

Picture riding through historical epochs with a cowboy and their articulate equine companion. Saddle up for a journey through the annals of time.

22. A Genie Who Grants Wishes but Insists on Telling Dad Jokes?

A genie emerges, ready to grant wishes but with a catch – a barrage of dad jokes accompanies each granted desire. Would you smash for the comedic magic or pass on the pun-laden wishes?

Contemplate the balance between fulfilling desires and enduring an endless stream of groan-worthy jokes. A wishful laugh or a joke too far?

23. A Wizard with a Magic Wand That Accidentally Turns Things into Rubber Ducks?

A wizard presents a magic wand with an unpredictable quirk – turning everything into rubber ducks. Would you smash for the whimsical transformations or pass on the potential duck invasion?

Consider the hilarity of a wizard’s unintended, duck-themed spellcasting, envisioning a world where everything waddles and quacks.

24. A Pirate with a Treasure Map but Terrible Navigation Skills?

A pirate with a treasure map appears, eager for a companion, despite their abysmal navigation skills. Would you smash for the treasure hunt or pass on the perilous voyage?

Imagine the swashbuckling adventure of searching for hidden riches, all while navigating treacherous waters with a pirate whose sense of direction leaves much to be desired.

25. A Robot with Emotions Struggling to Understand Human Feelings?

A sentient robot with emotions seeks to comprehend the intricacies of human feelings. Would you smash for a journey of empathy or pass on the emotional rollercoaster with a mechanical companion?

Contemplate the fusion of artificial intelligence and emotional exploration, navigating the challenges and unexpected joys of a robot grappling with sentiment.

26. A Superhero with the Power to Control Plants but Has a Fear of Flowers?

A superhero with botanical powers emerges, but they harbor an ironic fear of flowers. Would you smash for the green-themed heroics or pass on the peculiar floral phobia?

Consider the irony of a hero who controls vines and leaves but trembles at the sight of a blooming rose. A super-powered garden or an aversion to petal peril?

27. A Friendly Dragon Running a Tea Shop in a Hidden Mountain Cave?

A friendly dragon extends an invitation to their cozy tea shop nestled in a hidden mountain cave. Would you smash for a mythical tea time or pass on the fire-breathing proprietor?

Envision sipping tea amidst the mystical ambiance of a dragon-run establishment, contemplating the fine line between fantasy and caffeine-induced reality.

28. A Mermaid with a Singing Voice Enchanting Fish to Dance?

A captivating mermaid offers a serenade, enchanting fish to dance to the rhythm. Would you smash for an aquatic dance party or pass on the mesmerizing underwater concert?

Picture the surreal beauty of fish waltzing to the mermaid’s melody, contemplating the depths of oceanic enchantment beneath the waves.

29. A Detective Cat Solving Mysteries in a Noir-Style City?

A detective cat, equipped with a trench coat and a magnifying glass, seeks a partner in solving mysteries. Would you smash for feline sleuthing or pass on the noir-style cat capers?

Imagine navigating shadowy alleyways and unraveling mysteries with a sharp-witted, four-legged detective. Whiskers and mysteries entwined – a feline noir awaits.

30. A Mad Scientist with a Potion That Turns People into Temporary Clowns?

A mad scientist presents a potion with a quirky effect – turning people into temporary clowns. Would you smash for the whimsical transformation or pass on the circus-ready concoction?

Consider the chaos and laughter that ensue as unsuspecting individuals experience a temporary life under the big top, pondering the line between science and slapstick.


In the whimsical world of “Smash or Pass” questions, laughter intertwines with imagination, creating a tapestry of playful hypotheticals. Whether you choose to smash or pass, these scenarios serve as delightful conversation starters, weaving together the ordinary and the extraordinary in a lighthearted dance of choices.

So, the next time you engage in this game, remember the laughter that accompanies these fantastical situations – a testament to the boundless realms of creativity within the human mind. As the game unfolds, embrace the laughter, relish the absurdity, and let your imagination soar with each amusing decision. Happy smashing or passing!

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