30 Best Responses to “Oh Wow”

Communication is an art, and sometimes, a simple “Oh wow” doesn’t quite capture the depth of our emotions. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of expressive responses, exploring 30 unique ways to add flair and personality to your conversations.

From witty comebacks to charming acknowledgments, these responses will keep your interactions lively and entertaining.

List Of Best Responses to “Oh Wow”

  • Thanks, I try.
  • Yeah, it surprised me too!
  • Well, aren’t you full of surprises?
  • I know, right?
  • It’s my superpower.
  • Just another day in the life.
  • Shocking, isn’t it?
  • Oh, you noticed!
  • I aim to impress.
  • Story of my life.
  • I get that a lot.
  • Life’s full of wows.
  • Glad you think so.
  • I do my best.
  • You’re too kind.
  • I’m blushing.
  • Tell me about it.
  • Shock and awe, right?
  • Couldn’t have said it better.
  • I live for the wows.
  • Surprise is my middle name.
  • Well, shazam!
  • It happens.
  • Just doing my thing.
  • I’m full of surprises.
  • Oh, you noticed the magic.
  • It’s a talent.
  • Thank you, thank you!
  • I try to keep it interesting.
  • Life’s full of unexpected moments.

1. Thanks, I try.

When met with an “Oh wow,” acknowledging the compliment with a touch of humility and gratitude can be endearing. Responding with “Thanks, I try” adds a hint of modesty while expressing appreciation for the recognition.

Example: Person A: “Your artwork is incredible!” Person B: “Thanks, I try. It means a lot coming from you.”

2. Yeah, it surprised me too!

Injecting a bit of surprise into your response can create a light-hearted atmosphere. Saying, “Yeah, it surprised me too!” shows that you share in the amazement, creating a shared moment of astonishment.

Example: Person A: “I just found out I won the contest!” Person B: “Yeah, it surprised me too! That’s amazing news!”

3. Well, aren’t you full of surprises?

Flipping the script and turning the attention back on the person who exclaimed “Oh wow” can be a playful way to keep the conversation engaging. Responding with, “Well, aren’t you full of surprises?” adds a touch of humor.

Example: Person A: “I learned to juggle over the weekend.” Person B: “Well, aren’t you full of surprises? What’s next, tightrope walking?”

4. I know, right?

Agreeing wholeheartedly with an “Oh wow” moment can create a sense of camaraderie. Responding with a casual “I know, right?” emphasizes shared amazement and strengthens the connection between conversational partners.

Example: Person A: “Did you see that sunset?” Person B: “I know, right? It was absolutely breathtaking.”

5. It’s my superpower.

Injecting a touch of humor by attributing the surprising moment to a fictional superpower adds a playful twist. Saying, “It’s my superpower” turns a mundane compliment into a lighthearted, memorable exchange.

Example: Person A: “You always know the coolest trivia.” Person B: “It’s my superpower. Call me the Trivia Titan!”

6. Just another day in the life.

Conveying nonchalance with a touch of modesty can be a charming way to respond to unexpected praise. Saying, “Just another day in the life” downplays the surprise while maintaining a humble demeanor.

Example: Person A: “Your cooking skills are incredible!” Person B: “Just another day in the life of a kitchen enthusiast.”

7. Shocking, isn’t it?

Adding an element of irony by using the word “shocking” in response to a positive comment can be a clever way to playfully acknowledge the surprise. Saying, “Shocking, isn’t it?” adds a humorous twist to the conversation.

Example: Person A: “Your performance was outstanding!” Person B: “Shocking, isn’t it? Who knew I had it in me?”

8. Oh, you noticed!

Expressing genuine surprise that someone noticed a particular skill or trait can be a delightful response. Saying, “Oh, you noticed!” combines appreciation with a touch of modesty.

Example: Person A: “You have an incredible attention to detail.” Person B: “Oh, you noticed! I try my best.”

9. I aim to impress.

Turning a compliment into a personal goal can add a motivational spin to the conversation. Responding with “I aim to impress” shows determination and a commitment to excellence.

Example: Person A: “Your presentation was impressive.” Person B: “I aim to impress. It keeps me on my toes.”

10. Just doing my thing.

Embracing authenticity and simplicity, responding with “Just doing my thing” conveys a sense of natural talent without overtly seeking praise. It’s a laid-back way to acknowledge a compliment.

Example: Person A: “Your musical skills are remarkable.” Person B: “Thanks! Just doing my thing, you know?”

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11. I’m full of surprises.

Embracing your multifaceted nature by acknowledging that you are “full of surprises” adds a touch of mystery and excitement to the conversation. It keeps things intriguing and light-hearted.

Example: Person A: “You speak three languages? Wow!” Person B: “I’m full of surprises. Never a dull moment!”

12. Oh, you noticed the magic.

If the surprising element involves a skill or talent that can be perceived as magical, responding with “Oh, you noticed the magic” adds a whimsical touch to the exchange.

Example: Person A: “Your card tricks are amazing!” Person B: “Oh, you noticed the magic! It’s a fun hobby.”

13. It’s a talent.

Acknowledging a compliment with a simple “It’s a talent” conveys a sense of innate ability. This response highlights that the impressive aspect is something you possess naturally.

Example: Person A: “You have an incredible memory.” Person B: “Thanks, it’s a talent. Comes in handy sometimes.”

14. Thank you, thank you!

Doubling down on gratitude with an enthusiastic “Thank you, thank you!” can add a touch of playfulness to your response. It emphasizes appreciation while keeping the mood light.

Example: Person A: “Your advice changed my perspective.” Person B: “Thank you, thank you! Always happy to help.”

15. I try to keep it interesting.

Acknowledging the effort put into making things engaging or intriguing, responding with “I try to keep it interesting” adds a layer of intentionality to the surprising element.

Example: Person A: “Your storytelling is captivating.” Person B: “I try to keep it interesting. Glad you enjoyed it.”

16. Life’s full of wows.

Taking a philosophical approach by stating that “Life’s full of wows” adds a reflective touch to the conversation. It implies that moments of amazement are an integral part of the human experience.

Example: Person A: “Your achievements are impressive.” Person B: “Life’s full of wows. We all have our moments.”

17. Glad you think so.

Simple yet effective, responding with “Glad you think so” conveys appreciation without excessive self-praise. It focuses on the other person’s perspective and reinforces a positive connection.

Example: Person A: “Your fashion sense is impeccable.” Person B: “Glad you think so. I enjoy expressing myself through style.”

18. I do my best.

Expressing a commitment to giving your best effort can be a humble yet powerful response. Saying, “I do my best” emphasizes dedication and a constant strive for improvement.

Example: Person A: “Your dedication to your work is inspiring.” Person B: “I do my best. It’s a journey of continuous improvement.”

19. You’re too kind.

Injecting a touch of modesty by stating “You’re too kind” is a classic response that gracefully deflects excessive praise. It acknowledges the compliment while maintaining humility.

Example: Person A: “You’re always so helpful.” Person B: “You’re too kind. I’m happy to assist.”

20. I’m blushing.

Adding a playful and slightly exaggerated touch by saying “I’m blushing” can create a light-hearted and amusing atmosphere. It adds a personal, human element to the conversation.

Example: Person A: “Your compliments are too much!” Person B: “I’m blushing. Thank you for the kind words.”

21. Tell me about it.

Sharing a moment of agreement with “Tell me about it” adds a conversational tone to your response. It’s a way of saying, “I completely understand; let’s discuss it together.”

Example: Person A: “Dealing with traffic every day is a challenge.” Person B: “Tell me about it. The daily commute can be a real hassle.”

22. Shock and awe, right?

Taking a cue from military terminology, responding with “Shock and awe, right?” adds a touch of drama and intensity to the conversation. It’s a playful way to amplify the surprise factor.

Example: Person A: “Your party planning skills are incredible!” Person B: “Shock and awe, right? I love throwing unforgettable parties.”

23. Couldn’t have said it better.

Acknowledging agreement with a touch of affirmation, responding with “Couldn’t have said it better” emphasizes shared sentiments. It’s a concise way to express alignment with the speaker.

Example: Person A: “Your analysis of the situation was spot-on.” Person B: “Couldn’t have said it better. You nailed it.”

24. I live for the wows.

Expressing a passion for creating moments of awe, saying “I live for the wows” highlights a personal dedication to crafting experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Example: Person A: “Your performance was breathtaking.” Person B: “I live for the wows. It’s what I strive for on stage.”

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25. Surprise is my middle name.

Injecting a playful exaggeration into your response, saying “Surprise is my middle name” adds humor and a touch of theatricality. It’s a fun way to embrace the unexpected.

Example: Person A: “You always have the most unexpected ideas.” Person B: “Surprise is my middle name. Keeps things interesting.”

26. Well, shazam!

Adding a touch of whimsy and magic to your response, exclaiming “Well, shazam!” is a playful way to acknowledge the surprise. It infuses a sense of enchantment into the conversation.

Example: Person A: “You found a solution so quickly!” Person B: “Well, shazam! Sometimes the answer just pops up.”

27. It happens.

Keeping it casual and down-to-earth, responding with “It happens” acknowledges the surprise without making a big fuss. It’s a simple way to maintain a laid-back vibe.

Example: Person A: “You aced the presentation!” Person B: “It happens. Preparation pays off, I guess.”

28. Just doing my thing.

Reiterating a commitment to authenticity, responding with “Just doing my thing” emphasizes that the surprising element is a natural expression of your personality or skills.

Example: Person A: “Your photography is stunning.” Person B: “Thanks! Just doing my thing behind the lens.”

29. I’m full of surprises.

Playfully embracing your unpredictable nature, reiterating “I’m full of surprises” is a way to highlight that there’s always something new and unexpected up your sleeve.

Example: Person A: “You have such a diverse skill set!” Person B: “I’m full of surprises. Variety keeps life interesting.”

30. Life’s full of unexpected moments.

Concluding with a touch of philosophy, stating that “Life’s full of unexpected moments” adds a reflective note to the conversation. It implies that surprises are a natural part of the journey.

Example: Person A: “You handle challenges with such grace.” Person B: “Life’s full of unexpected moments. Adaptability is key.”


In the tapestry of communication, the richness lies in our ability to respond creatively, authentically, and with a dash of flair. The 30 responses explored in this article are versatile tools that cater to various conversational scenarios. Whether you choose playful banter, humility, or gratitude, the goal is to foster meaningful connections through dialogue that leaves an impression. As you navigate the nuances of communication, remember that the best responses are the ones that resonate with your unique style and make each interaction a memorable experience.

So, the next time you’re met with an “Oh wow,” feel free to choose a response from this eclectic list and let the magic of language unfold. After all, in the realm of words, surprises are the jewels that make our conversations truly shine.

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